As a General Contractor, we are responsible for the entire process of construction of an investment project from design to commissioning.

What benefits will you get from using our services?

As the General Contractor, we are responsible for coordinating all stages of the project, including project planning, permitting, design, execution of trade and construction work, and quality control. We are the ones who ensure that all elements of the process work together harmoniously and are on schedule.

As part of general contracting, we enter into agreements with subcontractors and suppliers who perform specific tasks on the project. We are the ones who commit to selecting the right professionals and monitoring their work.

We assume a significant portion of the risk and responsibility for the correct execution of the project, meeting deadlines and the quality and safety of the work. We are the ones who bear the consequences of any delays or shortcomings.

The general contracting model often includes construction, as well as installation, electrical and other specialized work which enables you as the Investor to benefit from a comprehensive offer without having to contend with many different subcontractors.

We are the main point of contact, which shortens the decision chain and facilitates communication.

These are the distinguishing features of a comprehensive investment service. You as the Investor minimize the risk and effort of managing various subcontractors and suppliers. You save time and budget.

Multi-discipline construction and detailed design projects involve the cooperation of many industry specialists to create a comprehensive solution.

In such projects, a variety of disciplines are combined – architecture, construction, electrical, sanitary, ventilation, air conditioning installations, as well as other elements necessary to create a complete building facility.

A major challenge is the coordination between the various trades.

A multi-discipline project must take into account,
how the various systems and installations will work together. This works for efficiency, avoids mistakes and minimizes the risk of collisions and conflicts during implementation.

Author supervision is carried out by the architectural or engineering designer who was responsible for creating the project. Its purpose is to ensure that the project is carried out in accordance with the author’s intentions and objectives.

Author’s supervision includes monitoring the construction work for compliance with the design, ensuring the quality of workmanship and resolving any interpretive doubts.

Investor supervision is supervision carried out by a representative of the investor, i.e. the person or entity that finances and commissions the project.

The purpose of investor supervision is to look after the interests of the Investor and to ensure that the entire construction process is in accordance with the order, schedule and quality standards. Investor supervision may include aspects:

  • technical
  • financial
  • organizational
  • legal

Cooperation between author’s and investor’s supervision is crucial to ensure comprehensive management of the construction process and to effectively resolve any problems or challenges.